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13 Mar 2018|Policy

What Does “Affordable Housing” Mean Now?

The draft changes to the NPPF are a response to what the Government has acknowledged is a housing “crisis”. That is why the amended definition [...]

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08 Mar 2018|Deliverability

Planning Practice Guidance on Viability – The RICS Wins but the Mayor Gets Naming Rights

Did you hold out much hope that the Government’s long-awaited Planning Practice Guidance for Viability would finally clear the thickets, bringing both light and [...]

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18 Oct 2016|Idle Speculation

The Garrulous Gavin Barwell

The role of Housing Minister does not generally seem to attract the outspoken. It would take a pretty dedicated housing wonk to recall all of [...]

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28 Sep 2016|Policy

Small sites exemption generates inevitable conflicting decisions

It was bound to happen. The Government’s decision to re-impose a ten unit threshold, below which contributions towards affordable housing should not be sought, was [...]

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14 Sep 2016|Demand and Supply

Meeting Housing Need in the Private Rented Sector using Housing Benefit?

One of the things which has always exercised the Government about the ballooning Housing Benefit Bill is the share of the total sum which goes [...]

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